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The important thing to remember with these large DVDownload files is to SAVE them to your computer before attempting to watch them. The downloading process may take 10-30 minutes, depending on your internet connection and speed. After the download is completed, open and play the video with your favorite video player. If Windows Media Player doesn`t work, adjust the player settings to allow for playback of .MPEG files. Or, try QuickTime … or VLC Player.

NOTE: You need a good, fast internet connection for these downloads.
Do not attempt to download these DVDownloads to a mobile device. They are too large.

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If you prefer your DVD or Blu-ray disc shipped, you will be charged $10 extra and we will ship it, with US Postal Mail,
anywhere in the world. We use discreet packaging with no labels. Please allow 4-7 days.

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Yes. We will consider paying her for good, original, HD videos you send. Check out this info .

If you prefer to buy DVDownloads or QuickClips with a Money Order, MoneyGram or Western Union, no problem.
Funds must be in US dollars drawn from a US Bank. For more info, please email us.
For QuickClips purchases, the minimum order with this method is $50.

We suggest you download a player to your phone or device that will play either WMV, MOV or Mp4 files.
Here are some popular suggestions:
For Android, try ACT 1 Player:
For Apple products, try AZUL Player:

We will not issue refunds on DVDs, DVDownloads or QuickClips. But if the Clip, DVD or DVDownload is defective,
we will give you a replacement disc, video links or a credit for future purchases. Please email us. 

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